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    60+ most popular Stocks

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What Is stocks Option2TradeWhat Is stocks Option2Trade

What are Stocks?

Companies raise capital through stock investments to run their operations. Stocks are sold to investors as a fractional share of ownership, making them part owners of the company. Equities are stocks that are owned, and equity is a term that describes ownership. A company can also raise capital by issuing bonds, although you will only become a creditor, not a shareholder.

Stocks give you an ownership stake in a company, but stock ownership does not give you a say in how the company operates. Stock ownership entails trusting the leaders of a company to run it as they see fit.

Why trade Stocks with Option2Trade?

Your success is our success, therefore we provide you with the best tools and education available on the market.

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    How to trade Stocks with Option2Trade?

    Trading CFDs allows you to speculate on the price movements of a financial instrument without owning the underlying asset. You will make money if the market price of the asset moves in the same direction as your CFD trade.

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    • When trading CFDs, there are two prices to watch: the “Buy” price and the “Sell” price. Your decision will be based on whether you think the price will rise or fall.
    • Option2Trade Long position

      Long position

      When a trader places a BUY order, they are taking a long position. In this case, the trader expects that the asset value will rise over time. The trader will buy at a low price and sell at a higher price.

    • Option2Trade Short position

      Short position

      A short position happens when the trader believes the asset will decrease in value and selects a SELL position.

    Stocks Trading Hours

    Trade Stocks 24/5 days a week excluding public holidays and weekends

    Exchange name
    Total Hours
    New York Stock Exchange
    6.5 h
    London Stock Exchange
    8.5 h
    Tokyo Stock Exchange
    6 h
    Australian Securities Exchange
    4 h

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