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  • Option2Trade FAQ's General Questions

    General Questions

    Review our most frequently asked questions, regarding 'Demo accounts' to 'How to deposit'.

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  • Option2Trade FAQ's Trading


    All you need to know regarding trading terminology and more

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  • Option2Trade FAQ's Depositing Funds

    Depositing Funds

    Learn all options provided to fund your account safely and quickly.

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  • Option2Trade FAQ's Withdrawing Funds

    Withdrawing Funds

    Withdrawing funds is easy. Learn more about our withdrawal process here.

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  • Option2Trade FAQ's AML & KYC

    AML & KYC

    Review all documentation required to trade and withdraw with fiat payments.

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  • Option2Trade FAQ's Account


    Click here and learn how to manage your Option 2 Trade account.

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Top Questions

  • What is Option2Trade?


    It is a trading platform that kick starts your journey as A trader. We offer the following trading instruments:

    1. CFDs on stocks
    2. CFDs on commodities
    3. CFDs on Forex/Currency pairs
    4. CFDs on ETFs
    5. CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

    Start now with a $10,000 demo account, once you feel comfortable deposit real funds. Use our advanced trading tools to assist with your trading decisions.

  • Why are some payouts bigger than others?


    Payout percentages change dependant on the internal risk assessment/practices of the company. We reserve the right to change the profitability percentages given to clients at any given time. Also, profitability percentages are increased slightly depending on the account type you have selected.

  • What currency can I deposit my account with?


    We accept all fiat payments powered by Mastercard & Visa. We also accept al the major cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Litecoin, USDT, XRP and more

  • Can I make money on a demo account?


    No, you can not withdraw any profit generated from a demo account. It’s designed for practice purposes only.

  • How do I switch from demo account to a real account?


    Simply click on your profile tab in the upper right hand corner and simple click ‘Deposit’. Once you follow the steps and make a deposit, your account will then be active and ready to trade.

  • Can I make a lot of money?


    Your success depends on your skill set, patience and ability to read the markets. We recommend reading and watching training videos to understand the best practices used by successful traders.

  • What is the minimum I can deposit?


    Our minimum deposit is $100.

  • What is the maximum trading amount per trade?


    The maximum is $20,000 per trade, however some assets may vary depending on market conditions and your account type.

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