• Option2Trade trade feature 8+ most popular indices

    8+ most popular indices

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    Trade multiple Indexes daily

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    24/7/365 customer support

What Is indices Option2TradeWhat Is indices Option2Trade

What are Indices?

Indexes are groups or baskets of securities, derivatives, or other financial instruments that measure the performance of a particular market, asset class, or market sector. Therefore, an index is a statistically representative sample of observable securities in a specific market segment. In the U.S. equity market, the well-known S&P 500 represents the large-cap segment. As the combined value of the securities in the index changes, the numerical value, or the index level, changes along with it.

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    How to trade Indices with Option2Trade?

    An indices trade represents the buying and selling of a collection of stocks, without having to own the actual stock. The S&P 500, for instance, would be traded in light of the overall conditions of the US market, and the state of the US economy.

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    • Trading indices is a great option for traders who want to gain exposure to a whole economy or sector without opening many positions.
    • For example, click FTSE 100 ‘Call’ option if you believe the UK economy and its’s top 100 companies are going to grow within the time frame selected.

    Indices Trading Hours

    Trade Indices 24/5 days a week excluding public holidays and weekends

    Exchange name
    Total Hours
    New York Stock Exchange
    8 h
    London Stock Exchange
    8.5 h
    Tokyo Stock Exchange
    9 h
    Australian Securities Exchange
    9 h

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